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Suplove at it’s heart is about the people, the SUP community, the people we meet on the water, the people who buy our boards, our friends and family (aka the Suplove Staff and Employees), our vendors, distributors and suppliers. It’s about the people who have lead the way and the ones who are working hard to keep it strong. It’s about everyone, everywhere.

At Suplove, we are passionate about this sport, it’s growth and development. We seek out business who feel the same and we create partnerships - you grow, we grow, we all get it and we share it. We’ll take care of each other, push hard and watch this sport capture the world.

Suplove the leading Stand Up Paddle Lifestyle company for Everyone, Everywhere.

Suplove Classics
Everything you know and love about Suplove Boards. Our go to favorite boards for everyday fun. Perfect all-rounders for cruising flat water and small surf. If you only have one board in your quiver this is the one.

All Suplove boards are hand shaped and utilize a full stringer to enhance stability, strength and rigidity. Finished using Suplove’s Compressed Cell Technology (CCT), incorporating a structural strength bamboo veneer, our boards are super light. A perfectly positioned hand hold makes carrying the board a breeze.

The control given by hand shaping our boards and CCT has allowed us to create a range of super light, stable boards that glide beautifully across the water. The use of real bamboo fibre and the hand building of our boards by the Suplove craftsmen and women, ensures that every board is a beauty to behold and is unique. Whether you’re dreaming of a lazy lake paddle or shredding at your local break, a Suplove board will get you there.

Suplove Adventurer
11’2” x 30 ½” x 4 7/8”
Volume: 180l

One of our most popular boards and with good reason. Long and stable this board is ready to take everyone, everywhere.
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Suplove Escape
10’6” x 29 ¾” x 4 ¼”
Volume: 170l

Don't we all want to escape the pressure of our lives for a few hours. This board is the perfect accomplice.

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Suplove Odyessy
10” x 29 ½” x 4 ¼”
Volume: 145I

Designed to cruise flat water with ease and stable enough to learn to surf. The Odyessey glides effortlessly.

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SUPThings - $25.95-$39.95

SUPBUDDY - $29.99

Leashes - $34.99-$44.99

Rail tape - $49.95

Suplove SUP Keychains - $10.00

Trucker Hats - $10.00